Ball Black 1857

Football history kicked off…

…on a green field in England, Sheffield and a lot has happened since.

Ball Black 1857

Formation of the World’s First Football Club

Ball Black 1859

Introduction of the first common set of rules and law.

Nathaniel Creswick and William Prest establish the first football regulations in Sheffield, England.

Ball Black 1860

The world’s first derby took place on Boxing Day between Sheffield FC and Hallam FC.

The first Clubs founded after Sheffield FC

Ball Black 1864 / Wales

Ball Black 1867 / Scotland

Ball Black 1879 / Switzerland

Ball Black 1879 / Netherlands

Ball Black 1879 / Ireland

Ball Black 1886 / China

Ball Black 1863

The English FA is founded.

Ball Black 1866

Introduction of the off-side rule.

Ball Black 1867

The first football tournament was played in Sheffield: the Youdan Cup.

Ball Black 1871

Introduction of the referee.

Ball Black 1871

Introduction of the FA Cup.

Ball Black 1872

The first international match between England and Scotland.

Ball Black 1877

First player was sent off field.

Ball Black 1878

The referee used a whistle for the first time.

Ball Black 1878

First floodlit match at Bramall lane in Sheffield.

Ball Black 1888

Establishment of the first national football league (now Premier League).

Ball Black 1888

The first ever own goal was scored.

Ball Black 1891

Introducing of the penalty kick.

Ball Black 1894

The first Women’s football club was founded.

Ball Black 1900

Football was played at the Summer Olympics in Paris for the first time.

Ball Black 1904

Foundation of the FIFA in Paris.

Ball Black 1938

The shirt numbers were introduced.

Ball Black 1930

The first World Cup was held an won by Uruguay.

Ball Black 1973

The first official Jersey Sponsor was Jägermeister for Eintracht Braunschweig.

Ball Black 1991

The Red and Yellow Card was introduced.

Ball Black 1991

First women’s World Cup.

Ball Black 1995

Substitutuion of 3 players was introduced.

Ball Black 1996

The first „Golden Goal“
was scored by Oliver Bierhoff
at Wembley.

Ball Black 2012

The goal line technology
was officially introduced
by the FIFA.

Ball Black 2014

Foam Lines
were introduced.

Ball Black Starting 2015

Football returns
to the green field
in Sheffield, where
it all began.